Thursday, January 10, 2008

Election 2008: A Black Man vs. a White Woman....

Election 2008: A Black Man vs. a White Woman....

Obama vs. Hillary has sparked a lot of interesting debate on the question: "Who do we vote for?"...especially among African American women.

The way I see it, African American women have one of the most daunting tasks in this upcoming election....because aside from having to decide on who we think is the best person is for the job.....we also have to decide whether our allegiance will be to gender or race.....because the reality of the situation is, more so than who can get the job done (because I believe they both are good candidates), this election...especially on the democratic side, is about gender and race.

This would be much easier, I believe, for African American women...if Obama were a white man going against a white woman.....because then the majority of us would vote "woman"....or if Hillary were a white man going against a black man...then the majority of us would vote "black"... (especially since they both have proven that they are 'electable')

But it is not that as an African American woman....what do you do?

And consequently, contrary to what many may say, I do not believe that Obama is any stronger than Hillary because he is a man or that Hillary is weaker than Obama because she cried and showed her humanness in New Hampshire. If a leader is passionate enough to cry then I am cool with that. I am sure Dr. King shed a tear or two in his day. And even Jesus wept.

So Black Woman...what do you do?

Do you vote for a woman because according to an email I previously read: "this will be our one and maybe only shot at the presidency of the USA."

Or do you vote for a black man because African Americans have withstood the test of time and have been strong since the beginning of time...without the glimpse of the 40 acre's or the mule....

Do you listen to the "experts" and vote for the person that will have the best chance of being elected president? you really look at these "yet to be united states of America" and its history of violence, oppression, segregation and hate............and vote for the one among the two that you think will have the best chance at longevity once they are sworn into their position?

You know, I always said if I had an opportunity to ask Obama one question, that question would be...are you afraid of death?

Most people may not like the last question that I posed or what may come after but this is a very real question....

Behind the facade....America is still very much racist. George Bush ain't the only one that don't care about black people. We are no longer dealing with Jim Crow...we are dealing with his grandchildren....and great grandchildren...Jane and James Crow Esquire. James and Jane still, in a hidden/camouflaged more powerful way, carry out the work of their ancestor. Now, if James, Jane and Mr. KKK (lets not forget him) had their say (and they do), they and "America" at its best, would have a white woman instead of a black man as president any day. And would make sure that the later does not any means necessary.

In the words of Tupac..."although it seems heaven sent, we ain't ready to see a black president". ....well black people may be ready...but as for the rest of America, I am not so sure.

Think about it....

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