Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shak on Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright...

Shak on Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright...

One of my friends asked me today what my views were on the comments that Dr. Wright made in the sermons that were misused by the media this past week.

First, let me start by saying that the recent attacks by the media on Dr. Wright has left me feeling, on the one hand, even more compelled, using Dr. Wright as an example, to further speak out against the injustices that many face while living in these "yet to be united States of America". On the other hand, the recent media attacks on Dr. Wright has left me with a outright anger - so much so that I have been tongue tied in effort to refrain from using some of the more descriptive words that have been embedded in my vocabulary. In other words, this is enough to make a preacher cuss FOR REAL!

As it further relates to the media frenzy on Obama & Dr. Wright, I think that the media, Fox News in particular, is taking Dr. Wrights sermons out of context and using Dr. Wright as a pawn...a mere tool to sabotage Obama’s campaign. And those that are trying to sabotage Obama’s campaign are showing their true colors, because the truth of the matter is...regardless of what any "poll" says; the conservative, right wing, racist elitist that run America are not ready to see a "black" man in the "white" house. Don’t get it twisted!

I know Pastor Wright. I have had the privilege of knowing him and learning from him for the past 7 going on 8 years. And he is not the monster that they are making him out to be. He is a really cool dude and a prophet IN THE REAL SENSE, preaching a social gospel of liberation for all who have been marginalized and oppressed. Which is so much more than what I can say for many of these preachers out here who call themselves "prophets". In addition, I find it very funny that when America wages an illegal war in search of oil disguised as a war terrorism on the basis of invisible weapons of mass destruction (because THERE WERE NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION), when America allows millions of children to go hungry - being the richest country in the world, - nobody sees anything wrong with it. It isn’t racism then. It isn’t classism then. It isn’t divisive then. It isn’t toxic then. Its’ right and justified. And then we slap God’s name on it to make everything "okay". While the entire world is suffering. AIN’T NO GOD IN THAT!!

But SOON AS a person, a black man in particular, has testicular fortitude to get up and speak truth to power on behalf of the "least of these"...all of a sudden its racism. I personally think that is a bunch of bulls____. (hint: the bible calls it "dung"!)

ANYWAY, what Dr. Wright said isn’t racism. It is TRUTH TELLING. The government is lying about 9/11. They know more than what they are admitting to. The government is lying about the levees in New Orleans. The government is lying about the war in Iraq. C'mon now...the art of war is deception (Sun Tzu) and most of the wars that America have waged were based in deception.

In addition, I think what the media is doing, is what they do best. HIDING the truth that is coming out of Dr. Wright’s words by attempting to refocus our attention from the real problems...which in the end leaves the initial injustice untouched. OMG Wake up!! It wasn’t the blind man who had the vision problem!!

As it relates to Hillary being called a nigger. Nobody ever "said" that Hilliary Clinton was truly called a nigger. And the point that I believe Dr. Wright was making with that statement was the fact that neither Bill nor Hillary are "black" (this was for those who claim they are because of what they did when they were in the white house). They have never experienced what black people have experienced in America. Hence, Hillary ain’t never been called a nigger. AND TRUST ME, IF SHE WAS..IT WAS MOST DEFINITELY WITH AN ’A’ and not an ’ER’ and used as a term of endearment.

The truth of the matter is, blacks have been done real dirty in America and yes, at some point, we, as a race will need to move on...but we are talking about more than the psychology of the oppressed here. It is hard to move on when the same stuff is happening - just in disguise.

I support Dr. Wright. And I don’t think that there are enough people speaking out from the pulpit or whatever your platform is about the injustices that many poor people face. I guess we have become so heavenly and "faith based" minded that we truly are no earthly good.

I’m done for now...

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